Laura Segura

Ph.D. Student

School of Biological Sciences
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior


  • University of Costa Rica: Licenciatura degree in Biology (2018)

Research Interest

Broadly, I am interested in understanding how the rapid changes in abiotic conditions due to Climate Change are affecting the behavior and physiology of organisms. For my research, I will focus on the effects of fluctuations of temperature and humidity on pseudoscorpions. I plan to investigate the evolutionary implications that these changes will have on the reproductive behavior, fitness and development of these amazing and secretive arachnids. I will also look at the mechanisms pseudoscorpions utilize when facing sudden changes in temperature and humidity, as many species have been reported to be phoretic, while others seem to be able to get into a state of dormancy. In general, I am also interested in knowing more about the natural history of arachnids, so I hope to gather more information about the daily lives of pseudoscorpions as I conduct my research.

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