Read Aloud

GOAL: This station is designed for either self-directed play/reading or active listening during read alouds.


  • Set up an area with blankets and spider bean bags. A few tubs can be set out that have various arachnid and insect puppets and stuffed animals to play with (scorpions, tarantulas, crickets, ticks, etc.). Additionally, have some wooden puzzles of arachnids and insects as well as numerous plastic arachnids and insects. Also provide a plethora of children’s books for kids to look through – mostly focused upon both arachnids and evolution.

  • At set times, there will be a spider-related story read aloud. We suggest the following five stories:

“The Very Busy Spider”

“Be Nice to Spiders”

“Sophie’s Masterpiece”

“The Spider and the Fly”

“Anansi the Spider: A Tale from Ashanti”



  • Wooden puzzles, stuffed animals, plastic animals, puppets (all arachnid-related)

  • Scientific arachnid books (non-fiction)

  • Arachnids story books (fiction)

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